Randall Amster, J.D., Ph.D., Director of the Program on Justice and Peace at Georgetown University, is an author, activist, and educator focusing on the cultivation of social and environmental justice. Originally from New York where he went to college and law school, he spent almost two decades in the desert southwest working on issues of homelessness and public space, immigration and borders, water and ecological preservation, and more.
He writes on all of these diverse themes for numerous publications, including Common Dreams, Truthout, and Huffington Post. His books include Peace Ecology (Routledge, 2015), Anarchism Today (Praeger, 2012), Lost in Space: The Criminalization, Globalization, and Urban Ecology of Homelessness (LFB, 2008); and the co-edited volume Exploring the Power of Nonviolence: Peace, Politics, and Practice (Syracuse University Press, 2013). He was the executive director of the Peace and Justice Studies Association from 2008-2016, and presently serves as editor-in-chief of the Contemporary Justice Review.
His current research focuses on areas including climate justice, intersectionality and environmentalism, urban studies, and developing a “sense of place.” Beyond his professional endeavors, he likes to spend time with his children walking in nature, planting in the garden, demonstrating in the streets, and supporting community projects. You can also find him sporadically online in the usual places, including through his university’s directory.