In 2000, Mikuak helped co-found OCU, an inter-generational community of healing artists, spiritual warriors, and peace workers; and, it is through this organization that Mikuak has been able to serve the greater community, particularly young people, by providing alternatives and solutions to violence via creative self-expression and self-development.  Some of the OCU creative initiatives Mikuak has contributed to include the Awareness of Oneness festival, the Circle of Life workshop, and Revel Youth Shine.

In addition to serving OCU, Mikuak Rai is an accomplished songwriter, producer, vocalist, and musician intent upon being an instrument through which healing sound-vibration flows.  He is the former bandleader and vocalist of Moya, a DC-based musical outfit, founded in the late 1990’s, whose style was termed “progressive soul”, and contained elements of funk, rock, blues, and experimental jazz coupled with lyrics that commemorated Spirit, Truth, and the Oneness of the human family.

Mikuak Rai is a successful event promoter and producer.  Beginning in 1997, he produced and hosted “The Movement”, a world-renown weekly “open-mic” series, at Bar Nun in the historic U Street corridor, famous for its rich legacy of arts and culture.  It is from this particular DC venue that many local artists have gone on to develop their professional creative careers to great acclaim.