Michelle James is a creativity catalyst and coach who has been using universal creative principles and the process of emergence as the basis for her work with thousands of people Рindividuals, corporations, and communities Рfor the past 14 years. Michelle’s passion is infusing creativity and imagination into current knowledge and information systems for individual, organizational and social transformation.

Her initial inspiration to bring creativity into the workplace happened when she began seeking to engage the human potential and creativity in organizations. After several years of working within diverse organizational cultures, she saw people across the board starving for more meaning, generativity, and expression in their work.
Michelle has consulted on, designed and delivered creativity and innovation initiatives and programs for organizations of all sizes. She provides generative processes, a grounded framework, mind-integrated learnings, and novel experiences to allow organizations to naturally co-create what is essential for them to remain consistently vital and responsive in rapidly changing times and environments.

Michelle founded the Center for Creative Emergence based on her observations and experiences with the natural creative emergence process that unfolded over time, 20-years of study into and work with various facets of creative process and, more recently, complex systems. Before founding the Center, Michelle owned and operated a creative services/marketing firm followed by an organizational development and training company.

Prior to that, she spent several years spear heading innovative projects while working in communications, sales, marketing, and the media, including establishing a newspaper with 6 colleagues. She is the founder and the organizer of the Capitol Creativity Network in Washington, DC. Her degrees are in English Literature and Communications Studies.