Maryrose Dolezal is the national program coordinator of the U.S. Fellowship of Reconciliation’s Nonviolent Youth Collective. Maryrose speaks nationally, trains and facilitates with a team of national youth facilitators at Peacemaker Training Institutes and national anti-oppression trainings, coordinates the Drop Beats Not Bombs Hip Hop Tour, Freeman Internships, and other FOR youth work, and helps support a team of local PTI organizers who coordinate and facilitate nonviolence trainings in their own communities around the nation. This work is informed by beliefs that change always happens through relationships, that national organizing is most powerful when it supports grassroots organizing, and that the processes of our work will dictate the outcome. To this end, she is experimenting with nonviolence as an anti-racist white person, infusing anti-oppression and youth empowerment into the daily patterns of her life and work.

Maryrose has been working with FOR since 1999. She has a BA in Women’s Studies and Anthropology from Hamline University, a certificate in Peace and International Development from Universidad de Jueme I, and expects her MA in Nonprofit Management from Hamline in 2006. Her background includes 2 years of direct service in refugee resettlement, campus-based service learning work to bridge academia with community action, and teaching undergraduate courses in conflict resolution and anthropology at Hamline University.