Having an affinity for storytelling, Jaimee is a truth-seeker at heart. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Master of Arts in Political Science from Temple University and Howard University, respectively, Swift is passionate about racial and gender equity and social justice.

She’s published in an array of media outlets including The Huffington PostThe GrioSalon.com, and the U.S. Fund for UNICEFSwift is a PhD candidate and graduate fellow at Howard University, studying Black women’s political mobilization and the intersections of race and gender politics of the Afro-Brazilian Women’s Movement.

Featured as a guest commentator on RT America for her coverage on the Flint water crisis, Swift was also a panelist at the United Nation’s Women’s Commission on the Status of Women in 2016. An avid traveler, she was also a guest speaker at the Media Challenge Initiative in Kampala, Uganda, and recently was in Cuba interviewing youth activists. Gaining an array of experiences with placements at The White House, CNN, and NBC Universal, Swift is passionate about helping marginalized communities and telling their stories.

You can read more about her work here: https://jaimeeswift.com