• Hawah Executive Director

    Hawah is an artist, author, educator, yoga instructor and community organizer. He has dedicated his life to teaching about solutions to violence and ways to peace, and has traveled to over 28 countries in the past 14 years to facilitate interactive workshops, dialogues, perform poetry, teach yoga, and speak with those interested in creating a caring, sustainable, and equitable world. In 2000, Hawah finished at American University with a degree in Peace and Educational Philosophy and co-founded One Common Unity, a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C.
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  • Steve Ma Board Chair

    Steve Ma serves as a Senior Partner at Accelerate Change, an organization that helps social-justice organizations dramatically increase their reach and resources through social enterprise and “functional organizing.”
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  • Monica Hinojos Board Member

    Monica is a purpose-driven creative producer and community leader with a passion for designing and producing projects that support peacemaking, environmental issues, innovative leadership, social justice, and the empowerment of women. With over 15 years of diverse professional experience, she shaped a career as a collaborative, tenacious problem solver. Read More

  • Ellie Walton Board Member

    Ellie Walton grew up in Washington, D.C. and has committed her life’s work to sharing stories that inspire connection across social and cultural dividing lines. She takes time to build relationships and trust with communities with whom she is actively engaging in the storytelling process. Ellie’s feature length documentaries, Chocolate City (2007), Igual Que Tú (2009), and Walk With Me (2012), have been screened at film festivals across the world and continue to be used as educational tools at universities, schools and conferences.
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  • Mikuak Rai Board Member

    In 2000, Mikuak helped co-found OCU, an inter-generational community of healing artists, spiritual warriors, and peace workers; and, it is through this organization that Mikuak has been able to serve the greater community, particularly young people, by providing alternatives and solutions to violence via creative self-expression and self-development. Some of the OCU creative initiatives Mikuak has contributed to include the Awareness of Oneness festival, the Circle of Life workshop, and Revel Youth Shine.
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  • Daryn Cambridge Board Member

    Daryn Cambridge is an educational creative, producer, and facilitator, with a passion for and commitment to teaching peace and fostering a culture of nonviolence. Read More

  • John Taylor Board Member

    John Taylor coordinates programming efforts in the National office of Initiatives of Change located in Richmond, Virginia. Initiatives of Change is an eighty-year-old peacemaking organization that is active in 47 countries.

  • Zakiya Reid Board Member

    Zakiya Reid is the Director of Summer Camps with The Headfirst Companies. In her role with Headfirst she is responsible for leading the team that is squarely focused on enriching the lives of children by fostering fun and building character through an exceptional summer camp opportunities.
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  • Ferdaouis BaggaBoard Member

    Ferdaouis (fur-dos) is a peace and conflict transformation practitioner with a passion for inter-faith, gender, and youth dialogue facilitation and training.

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  • Dr. Audrey R. Alvarado, Ph.D.Managing Director

    Dr. Audrey R. Alvarado has over thirty years of experience working in nonprofit and educational settings, with special interest in diverse communities. She received her BA from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA, and received her Ph.D. in social psychology at the University of Utah with a specialty in applied community psychology.

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