In 2010, One Common Unity launched the Common Folk: Voices of a Movement Concert Series. During this first year, we produced a 3 concerts series exploring & creating a new conversation on the topics of Health, Environment, and Immigration. All three shows brought in packed venues and a large number of submissions. Those shows were hosted by HawaH and headlined by Head Roc, Princess of Controversy, Mikuak Rai, Omekongo Dibinga, Anu Yadav, Christeylz Bacon, Shahid Buttar and the Cornel West theory. In addition to the headlining performers at each concert, One Common Unity created a community conscious open mic. Those performing during the open mic were asked to compose, write and/or share work that is related to the topic of that particular show: The 2010 venue was graciously donated to One Common Unity by Bus Boys and Poets. In 2011, One Common Unity hosted the Voices of a Movement Community Open Mics on the 3rd Sunday of every month at Bus Boys and Poets in Washington, D.C at their 5th and K location.

Check out the Common Folk: Voices of a Movement Vol 1 digital album.

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