Creatively birthed through One Common Unity’s founders, Revel Youth Shine (RYS) was a “community conscious” music, literary, and character development experience facilitated each summer for youth between the ages of 14-21. During an intensive 8-week creative & character development mentorship, youth produced written works (i.e. poetry, short stories, essays, & songs) in collaboration with experienced RYS facilitators. Facilitators guided workshops & self-discovery exercises (i.e. meditation, vocal training, breathing techniques, music exploration, group discussion, free-write sessions, etc.) to facilitate character & skill development of the RYS participants. Facilitators guided youth through a step-by-step process of conceptualizing, writing & arranging, which culminated in recording at a professional studio. Songs & select written pieces were developed for a positive and hopeful music/spoken word compilation CD and literary anthology. In past years OCU partnered with North Capitol Neighborhood Development, XM Radio, and the African American Music Association, and DC Parks & Recreation.

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