One Common Unity breaks cycles of violence and builds compassionate, healthy communities through the transformative power of music, arts, and peace education.



For 16 years OCU has successfully created spaces to transform the lives of youth and families.  Through arts-based peace education in schools, summer youth initiatives and through festivals and concerts, we have assisted young people in telling their stories and sharing them with others. OCU teaches people how to create media, arts, and music that reflect the stories of those working diligently to create communities which honor and respect one another and understand our inherent equality and interdependence. OCU believes violence is a learned behavior, and therefore, if someone can be taught violence, they can also be taught compassion, cooperation, and the skills necessary to create healthy mutually-beneficial relationships and thriving communities.


Our Objectives & Strategies:


  1. Come together across generational lines as an effective vehicle for artistic-cultural expression

  2. Promote & produce a variety of positive and uplifting community projects and events that create space for dialogue and personal transformation

  3. Develop strategic partnerships and collaborate with organizations and institutions with similar missions

  4. Serve as a bridge between people in need and organizations that meet those needs

  5. Inspire youth and adults to live nonviolently by providing quality and comprehensive social and emotional learning programming