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Your monthly donation provides critical social-emotional learning and conflict resolution services to youth and families around the nation. Join our powerful movement by becoming a sustainer and recruiting others to donate. Your partnership will help us increase our impact for years to come.

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15 “Fire Keepers” contributing $100/month

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20 “Water Bearers” contributing $50/month

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35 “Earth Shakers” contributing $25/month

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50 “Wind Gusts” contributing $5-10/month

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Why One Common Unity?

OCU has an extensive history and proven track record of implementing high impact, long-term programming for youth and families. Over the past 15 years our work has inspired over 12,000 people to consider alternatives to violence through the arts, this includes:

  • Providing conflict resolution workshops in seven D.C. high schools, five junior high schools, four elementary schools and seven recreation centers;
  • Facilitating music therapy, social justice training and leadership development to over 270 youth, ages 13 – 19, through our RYS Above the Violence and Fly By Light youth programs;
  • providing self-awareness and empowerment programs for over 100 young women from area high schools;
  • Enriching the community through several cultural events, festivals, and concerts, including our annual Common Folk Awards;
  • Administering the A Nu View youth film making program, which from 2007 – 2010 engaged high school students in all aspects of film production;
  • Facilitating yearly non-violence training seminars for over 6,800 Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School teachers; and
  • Producing socially conscious media such as: 3 documentary films, 5 youth directed musical CDs, and 2 global compilations of music.